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Candles, Champagne and Chocolate


Candles …

Fred: The guy with no ambition whatsoever. A spendthrift and total jerk. He tells lies too.
Tunde: The mother’s boy. His mother will determine how you leave your life much more her son … and remember you are not a wife. The most indecisive human you will ever come across.
Chidi: The work-deep dude. Most appointments will be cancelled on the excuse of; “I got busy”. Loneliness is your company. Displays intelligence only to intimidate you.
Femi: The guy who thinks he exists in life basically to be handsome. Most times he believes he is settling for you. Never satisfied with you… Be it dress sense, accent, make-up, physical attributes , you’ll cut your skin trying to impress.
Steve: The sex freak. He is supposed to be young, just that most guys are developing phobia for the maturity status and usually never get there.
Ali: The Non-committer. The kind of person who heats food up and ends up not eating it. He is usually very generous as long as you are generous too. Also a lot off misplaced priorities, very indecisive too.
Tony: The relationship guru. All your actions will be compared to past experiences. You are a student every day of your dating span.
Jack: The alcoholic and drug addict. Somehow you will have to join the train to remain relevant.


Alex: The best kisser you’ll ever experience. Probably the cutest among the pack.
Uche: The only guy appointed by life to lavish finances on you without questions. You’ll be in a designer outfit every other day, and take many pictures with devices on red carpet events. An advantageous extrovert, think exotic holiday vacations.
Michael: Your one way ticket to great sex. He is a Greek god at your beck and call. Matches a perfect body with a killer dress sense… pays a lot of compliments to you and you alone.
Musa: What will you ever do without him? He is always there to listen to your problems, he’ll carry you home after a drunk night out shower you and put you to bed. Watch you sleep all night and by morning will present a cup of coffee to you. He just makes sure you are okay all the time.
Kelechi: He will propose marriage to you just at the right time. Totally crazy about you.
Mark: When around him, kindly forget your way to the kitchen, breakfast in bed is a regular occurrence. Cares less about your culinary abilities.


Jude: Your all-in-one romance package. Listens to you.
Kenneth: Is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you. Great sense off humor.
Sola: Will never cheat on you. Rather he’ll bleed to death. Great communicator.
Peter: Smart dude and no he doesn’t intimidate you at all. Willing to share his little resources.
Lanre: Never too tired for a cuddle, a ready ear, wants to always hear how your day went. Thinks about you all the time.
Raymond: Wants a good career for you, helps you build your life. 100% interested in your success as a woman.
Obinna: He is your rock. Protects and defends you all the time. Prays with you. Cooks with you.